The dream!!!


Every one of us is dreaming for a career – to become something interesting, helpful, important…Well every kid wants to be a hero – I think that will be the best career ever – as a superwoman or superman, or maybe someone who can create food just with a clap of hands.

We dream a lot, but how do we know how to dream? And do we have to dream? This is just natural. We are born with that in us – to dream, to follow, to get the best from people and to learn how to improve ourselves.

With the years we change, our dreams are changing constantly and our priorities are different in each aspect of our life. I wonder why!

In every life there are ups and downs. You win – you are happy, you lose – you are sad, but why that is changing what we wants. Isn’t the beauty still beautiful after one of these downs in our lives? Of course, I know it is just mind setting but why we cannot see the true side of everything. We are living by the people’s opinion and we are using quotes said by famous people. I use a lot of quotes and every time when I do that I think it is expressing my soul or some of my thoughts. And I think no one will pay attention of what I have said. On the other hand they will pay attention if someone important and famous has said it. It is quite funny actually.

We live by these stereotypes – how we have to live, who we have to follow, who we have to love or even what to think. It is also funny how because of all these stereotypes we think we have no voice, no desire to shine, no desire to show off. If I ask another question as ‘who puts these stereotypes into our lifes’ I will go too much into it, so I will not. I will go back to the dream.

The dream which make us fight for that voice we have lost, the dream which pushes us to go up and up, high and high, step by step onto the scale of life. And that dream is worth it… it is worth the sleepless nights and the stressful days, not because someone said so but because that was YOUR dream. And because you fulfilled your dream you will be happy – not just because someone said so…. Live your dream! And start living it now!


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A tweet to Andy Carvin


We live in an era where the technology is progressing every day. People have forgotten what is the feeling to hold a book or what is the smell of the old pages of it but they discover something more.

Using Internet to keep in touch with friends and relatives or simply do our job make the life much easier. It saves time and effort. It educates us and gives us a different angle of the world. It gives us information, which we cannot find out without Internet.

The apps on our phones are creative and the websites in Internet are of a big variety and they are every helpful if we are looking for ideas or we can even make news of it. Social media is definitely the future of journalism.

I have read a few articles about Andy Carvin who is called ‘the man who tweets revolutions’ and it is amazing how he made news from other people’s tweets.

Well, I even tweeted him asking how does he feel as that man and I will hope for a tweet back.

I have left a video of Andy Carvin on journalism on Twitter if you want to find out more about him.


Language barriers and why it is so difficult

English becomes official language in almost the whole world. In school we learn Basic English but let be serious – did we actually learn something? I have been learning English at middle school, but when I came to UK three years ago I did not know anything. Literally! Nothing! I came for personal reasons but I stayed because I like UK and mostly I like Newcastle upon Tyne. I stayed to work and to study and I enjoy living here.

However, as I had no knowledge or maybe just a little bit, I could not even think about going to the shop to buy something. I was afraid not to talk to people but of their reaction if I make a mistake. We all know that is called language barrier. But why it is so difficult? Everything needs practice. I was meeting only Bulgarian people, watching movies with Bulgarian subtitles and rarely was listening to the lyrics of English songs. After four months of staying at home and doing nothing I started an English course in University of Sunderland. It really helped because I have met people with basic knowledge of the language and also people who want to talk but afraid to do it. That has changed everything. More practice – more knowledge and that was my goal to achieve, my priority at the time.


Eventually I got a bit more comfortable and with a bit of  luck and help of a friend I start working as a waitress. Listening to people who speak English all the time and trying to talk to them is the best way of learning. Of course I required a correction when I do a mistake. They helped me a lot! How I learned English? I was talking to people. I was social. I was trying to be everywhere and to listen to everyone. Being at home in front of the computer could give an excellent knowledge but will not give you the experience of actually talking.

I have a few friends who are having difficulties not understanding but talking and that is why it is called ‘language barrier’. As much we practice as more we will be able to speak English. If we do not take the initiative of learning even the best teachers will not help us! Good luck to the beginners!


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Islam: The Misunderstood Religion

We live in a world where everyone is equal or it is supposed to be. Still, every day we meet people who make comments about our race, colour, gender or even age. Even if they do not say anything they turn their faces to the other side, showing that differences are important. Are they?

In UK there are over 2.4 million Muslims and Islam is the second largest religion. However, Muslims are described as ‘the other’ by some people not only because of their skin colour but also because of the clothes they wear. University of Sunderland held two main events in two followed weeks explaining more about the religion. The event was called ‘Islam: The Misunderstood Religion’ and it had two men who have converted to Islam. They tell about the beauty of Islam and what means to be a Muslim.

To learn more about Islam we have to read more about it but a lot of people are not interested in learning about the other religions and the other cultures. Maybe then we should not judge by presence and we should stay away of comments which can offend someone.

In the event which happened last week I have got involved and I have tried to understand the Islam as a religion and I have tried to understand why it is accepted the way it is. But no one can fully understands another religion if it is not actually in their hearts. I keep reading different books and sources to learn more about the culture, about the rules and about the BEAUTY of the misunderstood religion!1779352_846397575386589_1866851422_n