Are you an over-thinker?


I always thought  I am a thinker and seen the book in a charity shop made me buy it straight away. Women Who Think Too Much (2003) made me realise I was not one of these people who over think that much and panic without a reason. It helped me to get to know myself. I always knew what kind of person I am but I wanted to know more. The author of the book Dr Susan Nolen-Hoeksema is a professor of Psychology. Her research won an award funded by the National Institute on Mental Health. The book would help women who are stressing too much and over-think about things they cannot change or things they cannot move on from.

Divided by three parts the author wants first to show to the reader why the women are these who over-think, second she gives some strategies to overcome overthinking and third she shows of what are the main reasons someone to over-think.

The research for the book is made in depth. The information is taken from a lot of universities in USA and the sources have personal experience. And it is supposed to be accurate. My opinion is it could definitely help people who need these advices but still it is too much information and some of it was repeated too many times in different ways. I understand it is to help people solve their problems but was it actually that necessary. At one point I was a bit tired of reading it and I left it. But as I do not like leaving stuff half way through I finished it. As I said before it made me realise I was not one of these over-thinkers. I think it was going to be better if the personal stories were told in depth.

Basically, it is a good book and people who are wondering if there are over-thinkers and they do not like it they should read it and find more about it. It gives you different solutions for your problem or if it does not help you it will show you how to help a friend who needs you.

Read it!


Never look down

“Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step; only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find the right road.”
Dag Hammarskjold

The big question is how to succeed and I am sure everyone ask themselves every day. There are a lot of answers to it and a lot of theories. I will not give any of that because everyone has succeeded in different way.

However, I believe one thing – once you start climbing the ladder, do not ever look down. Once you have done a step forward do not look back. Do not doubt yourself. And do not regret whatever happened in the past.

People will try to put you down and they will definitely try do make you doubt everything you do. But don’t be naive! Of course there will be some people who will truly support you but you will be sure who they are. Just believe you can do everything and work hard for it. That is the only way of succeeding.

I have always been saying that if you want to do something in your life you will find a way of doing it.

If you cannot do something today, it does not mean you cannot learn how to do it tomorrow!




I am second year Journalism and at the end of every semester we have to write an assignment about ethics. What is correct and what is not. We also had Media Law in the first semester of our second year. It was interesting but again it was all about what is right to publish and what is not.

I understand it is important to know all these rules and all these laws. However, our job as a journalist is to give information to the people and that information to be correct. I think there must be only one law and it has to be something like that: ‘Respect other people’s life and their families’ life. Always be accurate and do not mislead the public. Material must be published on behalf of the public (public interest).’ And then explain what would be in Public interest.

Our job as journalists is to be accurate. I do not understand why someone will write a story just to be published. There is no point of lies or false information. There is no point of doing bad things just for the sake of the money.

All you need to follow while being a journalist is to be accurate. Do not write something about someone if you do not want to read the same about yourself.

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Law of attraction

Why are people so negative? We expects bad things to happen to us, we believe we are not lucky. We get angry very quickly and we get frustrated of things we can’t change. Will you agree? We get angry when the bus is late even when we cannot change it. We are getting frustrated when there is a big queue and we know we need what we are waiting for. We get depressed when something had happened but it was not our fault. We get sad when we get lower grade even when we tried everything for higher result. And we lose our motivation when we put a little bit of weight. Why is that?


A lot of things put us down, but we do not understand how the universe works. It basically works like that- you get what you called for and that is called law of attraction. Everything that is happening to you is because you wished for it. And you know there is phrase ‘Be careful what are you wishing for!’ I am a positive person and I believe positive things will happen to me. I have read a few articles about ‘law of attraction’ and even there is a movie – you have to watch it too! Well this law states that you should wish something to happen.

There are a few steps which you have to make. Relax yourself – just clear your mind of everything and be yourself; wish what you want – but you have to be sure what you really want because if you are not sure then how the universe will give you what you want; create the picture in your mind and after that write it down – imagine the picture but write on paper. Next step is really difficult, because you have to feel like the way like you already have what you wanted. The universe will grant you with this and you will receive it, because you believed. Last two steps are to be grateful and just to trust the universe.

Just be positive! For me this law of attraction is nothing like they say. If you really want something you will fight for it and you will get it. You cannot expect to get something if you sit in front of the TV – well, maybe you can win from the lottery… Good luck with that! Just get up and believe in yourself!!! When you start doing something tell yourself you can do it and you will do it perfectly.

Set your goal and reach it!

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Bulgaria – the dreamed destination


“If I win I win for the whole nation, If I lose I only lose myself!” Vasil Levski

We are put in a group “Bulgarian and Romanians ” but we are just people- ordinary people. We are called immigrants- but we are people with dreams, priorities and purpose in life. We are coming to study or to work. We are not aiming to live on benefits because the benefit will come today but what about tomorrow? We are the tomorrow people. We work today but invest our work and money in the future.

I share my opinion not just because I am Bulgarian and not because I don’t like how people give us labels but simply because I came to discover another country – the new world abroad. I came to work and I have not stopped working. After two years I decided I want to stay and I applied at the university in Sunderland – where I used to live. And here I am now – living in Newcastle,working here, and studying in Sunderland. Working hard for my future – to make my dream come true. And lets not forget that Bulgaria will be always my home, it will be the place I will always come back to. And one day my home will be my last destination!

However, I have never heard a bad word about us directly, but a lot of things were said. Who believed and who did not – this is personal choice. But you should remember, every representation not only about immigrants, race, colour, rights but about life itself is simply someone’s point of view. Yours might be completely different.

And I will show you what means real beauty and real music! Have a look at these videos and leave your comments.

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