Bulgaria – the dreamed destination


“If I win I win for the whole nation, If I lose I only lose myself!” Vasil Levski

We are put in a group “Bulgarian and Romanians ” but we are just people- ordinary people. We are called immigrants- but we are people with dreams, priorities and purpose in life. We are coming to study or to work. We are not aiming to live on benefits because the benefit will come today but what about tomorrow? We are the tomorrow people. We work today but invest our work and money in the future.

I share my opinion not just because I am Bulgarian and not because I don’t like how people give us labels but simply because I came to discover another country – the new world abroad. I came to work and I have not stopped working. After two years I decided I want to stay and I applied at the university in Sunderland – where I used to live. And here I am now – living in Newcastle,working here, and studying in Sunderland. Working hard for my future – to make my dream come true. And lets not forget that Bulgaria will be always my home, it will be the place I will always come back to. And one day my home will be my last destination!

However, I have never heard a bad word about us directly, but a lot of things were said. Who believed and who did not – this is personal choice. But you should remember, every representation not only about immigrants, race, colour, rights but about life itself is simply someone’s point of view. Yours might be completely different.

And I will show you what means real beauty and real music! Have a look at these videos and leave your comments.

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9 thoughts on “Bulgaria – the dreamed destination

  1. Valeri Petrov says:

    Sadly, we see discrimination not only the UK and not only Bulgarians and Romanians are the ones being discriminated. This is a big problem all over the world. People need realise that even though we(the people) are different, have different views about the world, and different beliefs we are all human. And we need to be together and accept ourselves for who we are,


  2. Vasko Vasilev says:

    “We are the tomorrow people. We work today but invest our work and money in the future.”
    I can’t even begin to stress how right this is.


  3. Slav Dimitrov says:

    I think that the world is barely starting to grasp the idea of a global community. It’s certainly a lot better now than, say, 20 years ago. Discrimination is slowly getting extinct but still, wherever you go, if it’s not your home, you’ll be an outsider. No matter how welcomed you are. Just my opinion though.


  4. Nevena says:

    Truly it feel a bit like a label- Bulgarians and Romanians, and it is hard caring it around and making everything to prove everyone the opposite. I can share that in December and January I heard some not very nice words and comparisons on national TV and I didn`t like them. I wish to have a chance to show every single person, who thinks Bulgaria is not nice country and being Bulgarian is bad, that they are wrong. We have the best, one of the oldest and one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We should be proud calling ourselves Bulgarians. Very nice article Gery 🙂


  5. Nikolay Kachevski says:

    Of course it is not good to see and listen someone to say bad words for the Bulgarians. I am Bulgarian as well and think that most of the people from our country were came in UK for better education and job. I am proud to be Bulgarian and will never forget this beautiful country and its traditions. By the way, with pleasure read the article, very well written.


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