Family is everything

Many people don’t appreciate their families. They take it fro granted… there is a saying that you can’t choose your family – and yes, it is true, you can’t but you can choose how to act around them.

 Nowadays, children are answering back, teenagers don’t listen to their parent’s advices, grown-ups forget where they came from and adults forget what their parents have done for them.

 I wonder why! A mother who gave a birth, who raised you and been there for you and father who’s been working hard so you can have everything you want, brother or sister who’s been always fighting with you for toys or for the computer… but always been there for you when someone else bullied you…

 I wonder why! Why do we forget these people, the most important people in our lifes. Many people disrespect their parents and don’t help them, they simply just move on, finding excuses such as “I’ve got my own family now; or I have work to do, job to take care of” But how could you forget your childhood. That’s like to forget your first love – I am sure you remember her/him. Complaining all the time we’ve got no friends, or no lover, not a person to share with, forgetting we have our parents who will be always there for us…and if not, we should appreciate what have they done for us!

 For me family is everything! The family I have now and the family I will create one day. For everything there is a time…. But the way your parents have commited to raise you and gave you a good future, that’s the way of how you need to commit and be loyal to your new family, to your kids!


P.S. I wrote that because I am at home now and I enjoy the time with my parents and my brother. It is not a realization how important are they for me, it is a proof of how irreplaceable they are!!!

 Enjoy the time you have with them! Every single minute…