Lola Colt

Teleporting into the 60s, Lola Colt’s music reminds of Janis Joplin’s psychedelic-acid rock. Lola Colt’s music is not something we hear every day, it is something odd for today’s generation, it is something not familiar and maybe this is why it is difficult to understand.
Lola Colt and the supporting bands Bernaccia and Cobadelta were at Think Tank – a small venue with no seats, no soap in the toilets and wrong information on internet. Of the three groups only Bernaccia made me enjoy the night as the music was vivid, it makes you dance and at the same time listen to the lyrics.
However, I could not understand a word of what Lola Colt was singing – the sound was louder than their voices. The members of the group were different from each other and make you think how they got to play together and has the same passion for the music they do.
Lola Colt’s name from a spaghetti western originated as the song writing partnership of their Danish vocalist Gun and lead guitarist Matt, who came through a long-standing love of vintage films and cinematic sound, as well as having similar recordings. Films are a big part of both their lives and they influence their music career. Matt have started writing music in the form of film scores and theatre productions and when the band have developed into a six-piece, they ideas were to write a soundtrack for a movie which is not even written yet.
Psychotic is the right feeling their music brings to the listener’s heart and like burned with acid want to run away from the venue. The idea of music is really to change your world, to literally mind teleport you with their collection of unusual visual instruments used on stage.
They had a sold out show at London’s Electrowerkz to celebrate the release of their debut album Away From the Water and an intoxicating set at this year’s International Psych Festival in Liverpool.
The band is touring in UK till the end February including March 1 in Oxford, and after that heading to Europe – Netherlands, Germany and France. The psychedelic tunes are not for everyone’s cup of tea so if you are not a fan of that kind or narcotic sense prepare yourself to be transported into all those movies you have been scared to watch by yourself.

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