Acceptance – Poem

Something is missing

Part of me is empty

And the feeling cannot be described.


I feel empty

Part of me is dying

And my mind does not know why


My thoughts are sad

That part is enormous

And I do not want to accept it.


I do not want to accept

(the) emptiness, (the) sadness, (the) death

Of little parts of me.


Parts no one could replace or recreate

And what is left

My heart does not want to accept.

Above and beyond – Poem

Above the clouds

Beyond the eye reach

Where 10 000 ft is

Ready for the jump

Adrenaline rush

Rapid breathing

Fastened heart beat

Sweaty hands

Close your eyes

Tell your mind it’s all you want

Ready for the jump

Get your feet out of the plane

Inhale deeply

Calm yourself

Remember what you’ve learnt

And then the push

You are in the skies

Free as a bird

Falling with full speed

Seconds away till the parachute opens

If it opens at all.

An offer – poem

I want to offer you a dinner over pizza and nights watching movies.

I want to offer you letters full of words and nights full with silence.

I want to offer you sex as making love and kisses born of passion.

I want to offer you bed warmed by me and mornings next to me.

I want to offer you days full with thoughts of me and nights with dreams of me.

I want to offer you a story with me from yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I want to offer you not regretting yesterday, not forgetting today and enjoying tomorrow.

I want to offer you a lifetime spend with me and kids looking alike me and you.

Name Poem

Just an exercise I am doing and a little play with words. If you look at the first letters of each line you will see my name. Tell me what you think about it.

Growl at them

Evaporate their fear

Rise from the shadows

Gain power

Above the possibilities

Never look down

Ashes do not burn again.


Identify the source

Variety is the key

Ability to trust

Narrow your path

Obey your desires

Virtue is your strength

Abstract all that is left.



Empty – Poetry

I open a new page

A blank one

I want to write

I put my fingers on the keypad

My eyes move around

My look, together with my mind and my heart are empty

I need to heal

I close my eyes and take my fingers away of the keypad

I take a sip of red wine and replay the song I have been listening to

Remembering the pain, remembering the aches

How will I heal?

My heart start racing and my legs want to move

I am steady

Sitting on the squeaky chair

I want to write

But my mind is blank

Like the blank page I opened

Like my life, starting from tomorrow

Because today I am empty

I will fill that page with words

And if tomorrow my life is blank

I will fill it up with adventures

And if my fingers don’t know how to write

I will make them

And if my legs want to move

I won’t be steady

Because there are many pages and all of them are blank

Because my life won’t end today

And all that is empty could be filled up.