A vow made when you marry, a promise made when you intend of doing something.

Do you always mean what you say?

Will you always keep your promises?

I have been in search for promises. Just to hear them and it seemed it did not matter who will say the words out loud. I was just looking for them.

Trying to find them in every part of you and each one of them – all those strangers could have made me happy.

Hoping they will reach my soul. They did not. They could not.

Did they try or did I not let them?

I do not know but they did not. They could not.

Instead of words we want acts and instead of acts we want words.

It is not just me! It is you! It is she and it is he!

Why are we such hypocrites?


A Woman on the Train

A woman on the train was crying today

Fallen tears and loud hiccups were echoing around

Can’t hide what can’t be hidden

The day has been so long

It seems to have no end

Is there going to be a tomorrow


Will there be a reason to get up

Suit on, high hills on, straight up shoulders

Everything is a sign of a strong woman

But head’s down and eyes swollen from the unstoppable pain that falls from those eyes


She gets up with a body of a queen and a soul of a child

Looked at me and now I know there will be no tomorrow.

Her pain is deep in my stomach and suddenly my shoulders are so tired

All the worry wasn’t her problem anymore but mine.