The Knock of Death – Poem

What’s life?

We are born with so much pain simply to live.

We grow – healthy or ill.

We live – happy or sad.

We fall in love – to lose a part of us

Or to connect with another missing part.


And we die.

Death always made me sad.

Death always made me cry.

Death always confused me.


What is it, it wants?

Does it have any satisfaction?

Is it becoming more powerful with each body it takes?

Is every soul part of something?

Does the shadow go somewhere?




I want to follow it.

I cannot believe it.

I do not want to imagine it.

I do not want to live with the thought of death

Coming knocking on my door.


My body sore.

It hurts because the death took your body.

I lost the smell of you.

The death took you somewhere.

Is it now the time to talk about heaven and hell?

Emotional Trash – Three Line Tales

I am not a 24/7 feelings basket where you can share and humiliate; swear and flatter; remember and forget whenever you would like to do so. Forget that motel room, that night.

My services are not for you to play with, to reject and ask for whenever you need them to be or not to be. Forget the person who was always there for you, always available, always ready to commit.

That motel room is now occupied by other strangers. That night has come to an end. That person is all gone and she’s got no intentions of ever coming back just to serve your selfish soul.

Three Line Tales

Trace – Poem

Brush your fingers over my skin

Do you feel the roughness of it, yes, just over there?

Do you see the scar that was left behind?

It wasn’t just part of my imagination

I knew it was real because a scar was left behind.


Move your lips through my eyes

Do you taste how salty they are?

Do you see the traces that were left behind?

It wasn’t just an illusion

I knew tears have fallen because salty trace was left behind.

I Wish – Poem

I wish

For the storm to swallow me

For the rain to wash all my pain

For the wind to blow away my feelings


I wish

To run away from here

To forget what I felt

To wash the smell of you left on my skin


I wish

To stir one last goodbye

To send one last kiss

To turn away one last time


I wish

It lasted more

It ended long time ago

It didn’t hurt that much


I wish

Someone to help me

Someone to hold me

Someone to love me