Addiction – Flash Fiction

How did I end up on this couch, surrounded by needles? Spoonful of pleasure and darkness that comes along with it. Sobriety is not something I want to hang onto. It is who I am. That darkness gets louder and louder. The whispering grows and rises within. The desire needs to be fed up.

Fight the pressure, fight who you are. Eventually, the need will become stronger than you. Eventually, the desire will burn your insides and will scream for more.

Rich daddy never cared for me and to show him I will not submit to his orders I start causing trouble. I knew he is not going to hold my hand when I was in pain but when I was on heroin he was there. Standing in front of me, helplessly watching me ruin my life.

Glen never admitted what was actually going on. He knew he had to get help. His mom never reached for help and she died. Is that what he wanted for himself too? To burn to ashes and no one except him would be able to help him. No other help than to have will, to be strong enough to say ‘STOP, no more’.


Image was found here.

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