Thought of the Day 6

I am usually a very patient person but lately, I have noticed it’s easier and easier to lose my temper…

It makes me think of all the reasons this is so…

I have no answer.

I am usually a very positive person but lately, I have noticed it’s easier and easier to look at some things negatively or what I like to call realistically.

It makes me ask a lot of questions why this is so…

I have no answer.

Today, I accept that sometimes it is okay to lose your temper,

sometimes it is okay to be negative, to be sad, to be moody.

But only sometimes because every day is different

and sometimes you will be happy and sometimes you will be sad.

Every day is completely different from the previous day and the tomorrow will be different from today.

So today, I will not tell you to be calm, to be positive or to be patient.

Today, you can be whatever you want to be.

Today, you can feel however you want to feel.


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Thought of the Day 5

People will tell you that your dream is worthless or impossible,

They will keep repeating it is unaccomplishable,

Sometimes even your brain will tell you that.

It is going to be very said, however, if you let those people and those thoughts occupy your whole being.

Just continue doing what you’re doing,

Continue walking forward,

Make a step by step,

You will not realise when you have reached the final destination.


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Happiness – Flash Fiction

– Are you happy?

– Happy? What does that even mean? Is it when you wake up with a smile on your face; or when you look at the world like it’s full of pink elephants?

– I guess happiness is different for everyone. But how do you feel?

– I feel empty. I am not miserable but I would not say I am happy. Definitely drama-free and stress-free which is the most important thing since I moved to London.

– Okay, what would make you happy?

– I don’t know. Before, even the smell of morning coffee made me feel good. It made me feel alive. Now, I don’t know no more.

– Well, maybe you need to go out there and seek some happiness. Look for it in different places and in different people. You need to feel that spark in you again. The one that makes you jump high and dance when you hear a rhythmic song. The spark that makes you look forward and move forward. The one that makes you dream and desire more.

– Well, what if I don’t? Anyway, I think happiness is over-rated.


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Addiction – Flash Fiction

How did I end up on this couch, surrounded by needles? Spoonful of pleasure and darkness that comes along with it. Sobriety is not something I want to hang onto. It is who I am. That darkness gets louder and louder. The whispering grows and rises within. The desire needs to be fed up.

Fight the pressure, fight who you are. Eventually, the need will become stronger than you. Eventually, the desire will burn your insides and will scream for more.

Rich daddy never cared for me and to show him I will not submit to his orders I start causing trouble. I knew he is not going to hold my hand when I was in pain but when I was on heroin he was there. Standing in front of me, helplessly watching me ruin my life.

Glen never admitted what was actually going on. He knew he had to get help. His mom never reached for help and she died. Is that what he wanted for himself too? To burn to ashes and no one except him would be able to help him. No other help than to have will, to be strong enough to say ‘STOP, no more’.


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I know that I don’t know – Poem

You see, he said, I know

you are a beautiful flower.

And sometimes I hold you so tight

almost crushing you.

And sometimes I don’t feed you with days

almost starving you to death.

Don’t ask me why. I don’t know myself.

Am I a fool not to keep you safe?

Or am I naive thinking you will always be around?

I never know what the right answer is.

But I know that I don’t know.


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