A tweet to Andy Carvin


We live in an era where the technology is progressing every day. People have forgotten what is the feeling to hold a book or what is the smell of the old pages of it but they discover something more.

Using Internet to keep in touch with friends and relatives or simply do our job make the life much easier. It saves time and effort. It educates us and gives us a different angle of the world. It gives us information, which we cannot find out without Internet.

The apps on our phones are creative and the websites in Internet are of a big variety and they are every helpful if we are looking for ideas or we can even make news of it. Social media is definitely the future of journalism.

I have read a few articles about Andy Carvin who is called ‘the man who tweets revolutions’ and it is amazing how he made news from other people’s tweets.

Well, I even tweeted him asking how does he feel as that man and I will hope for a tweet back.

I have left a video of Andy Carvin on journalism on Twitter if you want to find out more about him.