Law of attraction

Why are people so negative? We expects bad things to happen to us, we believe we are not lucky. We get angry very quickly and we get frustrated of things we can’t change. Will you agree? We get angry when the bus is late even when we cannot change it. We are getting frustrated when there is a big queue and we know we need what we are waiting for. We get depressed when something had happened but it was not our fault. We get sad when we get lower grade even when we tried everything for higher result. And we lose our motivation when we put a little bit of weight. Why is that?


A lot of things put us down, but we do not understand how the universe works. It basically works like that- you get what you called for and that is called law of attraction. Everything that is happening to you is because you wished for it. And you know there is phrase ‘Be careful what are you wishing for!’ I am a positive person and I believe positive things will happen to me. I have read a few articles about ‘law of attraction’ and even there is a movie – you have to watch it too! Well this law states that you should wish something to happen.

There are a few steps which you have to make. Relax yourself – just clear your mind of everything and be yourself; wish what you want – but you have to be sure what you really want because if you are not sure then how the universe will give you what you want; create the picture in your mind and after that write it down – imagine the picture but write on paper. Next step is really difficult, because you have to feel like the way like you already have what you wanted. The universe will grant you with this and you will receive it, because you believed. Last two steps are to be grateful and just to trust the universe.

Just be positive! For me this law of attraction is nothing like they say. If you really want something you will fight for it and you will get it. You cannot expect to get something if you sit in front of the TV – well, maybe you can win from the lottery… Good luck with that! Just get up and believe in yourself!!! When you start doing something tell yourself you can do it and you will do it perfectly.

Set your goal and reach it!

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