Jumping Puddles Open Clasp

Nothing hurts more than the loss of a parent, especially one who has taken care of you and has always been next to you. In Jumping Puddles, Catrina McHugh tells the funny and moving story of two young sisters whose mother is seriously ill and is in hospital.

Sadly the sisters need to continue with their life and grow up faster than their years. Anna (Lauren Kellegher) is the younger sister and an outsider. She is bullied by schoolmates for her homosexuality. The bullies call her a freak, making Anna close herself off from the outside world.

Fortunately she get to know one of the classmates Chloe (Paislie Reid). Chloe is from Liverpool and Anna shares memories of her trip to there. They become friends and even start liking each other.

The story considers issues such a homophobic bullying, sexual violence in night clubs and the impact of bereavement on young people.

The girls are trying to stay above as they jump from one puddle of emotion to another but the puddle might become a river and Anna fears Grace will be taken by the tide. In a moment like this running seems the only way but it is not a possibility.

Fighting all the time the sisters cannot be around each other, they cannot talk to each other and cannot even stand in the same room but the death of their mother teaches them they have to stick to each other and become one because this is the only family they both have.

The writer combines her past from Liverpool with her present in Newcastle. She brings everything positive from both cities – the culture, language, accent, generosity and the desire to make a change and to right a wrong when seen but she also brings her sad memories of the family’s loss.

An Open Clasp production in collaboration with Frantic Assembly and 162 young women who want speak up and change the world. This project is inspired by their resilience, intelligence and demand of equality. Open Clasp want to make sure their voice will be heard.