I am second year Journalism and at the end of every semester we have to write an assignment about ethics. What is correct and what is not. We also had Media Law in the first semester of our second year. It was interesting but again it was all about what is right to publish and what is not.

I understand it is important to know all these rules and all these laws. However, our job as a journalist is to give information to the people and that information to be correct. I think there must be only one law and it has to be something like that: ‘Respect other people’s life and their families’ life. Always be accurate and do not mislead the public. Material must be published on behalf of the public (public interest).’ And then explain what would be in Public interest.

Our job as journalists is to be accurate. I do not understand why someone will write a story just to be published. There is no point of lies or false information. There is no point of doing bad things just for the sake of the money.

All you need to follow while being a journalist is to be accurate. Do not write something about someone if you do not want to read the same about yourself.

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