Are you an over-thinker?


I always thought  I am a thinker and seen the book in a charity shop made me buy it straight away. Women Who Think Too Much (2003) made me realise I was not one of these people who over think that much and panic without a reason. It helped me to get to know myself. I always knew what kind of person I am but I wanted to know more. The author of the book Dr Susan Nolen-Hoeksema is a professor of Psychology. Her research won an award funded by the National Institute on Mental Health. The book would help women who are stressing too much and over-think about things they cannot change or things they cannot move on from.

Divided by three parts the author wants first to show to the reader why the women are these who over-think, second she gives some strategies to overcome overthinking and third she shows of what are the main reasons someone to over-think.

The research for the book is made in depth. The information is taken from a lot of universities in USA and the sources have personal experience. And it is supposed to be accurate. My opinion is it could definitely help people who need these advices but still it is too much information and some of it was repeated too many times in different ways. I understand it is to help people solve their problems but was it actually that necessary. At one point I was a bit tired of reading it and I left it. But as I do not like leaving stuff half way through I finished it. As I said before it made me realise I was not one of these over-thinkers. I think it was going to be better if the personal stories were told in depth.

Basically, it is a good book and people who are wondering if there are over-thinkers and they do not like it they should read it and find more about it. It gives you different solutions for your problem or if it does not help you it will show you how to help a friend who needs you.

Read it!