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Editor’s Letter

VISUALISE is for young creative people in the North East, England, who are ready to transform their lives by simply being fearless and ready to reach for the stars.

Forget any boundaries and open your mind. Dig deep and find the creative side of you. Read about the experience of famous people who have succeeded and see the struggle of young artists to follow their dreams because they are not confident enough or they fear a failure.

With every new year, there is a new technology and artists have witnessed social changed and political cataclysm and they need to think of new ways to show their creativity to the world.

My magazine will be your guide for new ideas and you will be able to find the real you. Transform your days and enjoy the experience of being successful.

Remember the future can only be imagined by looking towards the past because the past is never a past, it is never dead. Yesterday will be always connected to today and more importantly to tomorrow, so do not forget where are you coming from, where are you going and what are you aiming for.

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This magazine was created for my dissertation at university. It is not a regular publication. I would appreciate your comments and advice how this could have been improved. Thank you.


Islam: The Misunderstood Religion

We live in a world where everyone is equal or it is supposed to be. Still, every day we meet people who make comments about our race, colour, gender or even age. Even if they do not say anything they turn their faces to the other side, showing that differences are important. Are they?

In UK there are over 2.4 million Muslims and Islam is the second largest religion. However, Muslims are described as ‘the other’ by some people not only because of their skin colour but also because of the clothes they wear. University of Sunderland held two main events in two followed weeks explaining more about the religion. The event was called ‘Islam: The Misunderstood Religion’ and it had two men who have converted to Islam. They tell about the beauty of Islam and what means to be a Muslim.

To learn more about Islam we have to read more about it but a lot of people are not interested in learning about the other religions and the other cultures. Maybe then we should not judge by presence and we should stay away of comments which can offend someone.

In the event which happened last week I have got involved and I have tried to understand the Islam as a religion and I have tried to understand why it is accepted the way it is. But no one can fully understands another religion if it is not actually in their hearts. I keep reading different books and sources to learn more about the culture, about the rules and about the BEAUTY of the misunderstood religion!1779352_846397575386589_1866851422_n