Empty – Poetry

I open a new page

A blank one

I want to write

I put my fingers on the keypad

My eyes move around

My look, together with my mind and my heart are empty

I need to heal

I close my eyes and take my fingers away of the keypad

I take a sip of red wine and replay the song I have been listening to

Remembering the pain, remembering the aches

How will I heal?

My heart start racing and my legs want to move

I am steady

Sitting on the squeaky chair

I want to write

But my mind is blank

Like the blank page I opened

Like my life, starting from tomorrow

Because today I am empty

I will fill that page with words

And if tomorrow my life is blank

I will fill it up with adventures

And if my fingers don’t know how to write

I will make them

And if my legs want to move

I won’t be steady

Because there are many pages and all of them are blank

Because my life won’t end today

And all that is empty could be filled up.